Nina M Holz


Artist Statement-

I have an obsession with the unknown. I have spent over 14 years looking at various tissues and cells under a microscope and even now, I find it fascinating that something so disturbing or “gross”, can look so incredibly beautiful. My current body of work is a reflection of what I have seen under those microscopes and my physical emotions and feelings toward them. I am in a sense trying to make those objects that others might find disturbing, into artwork that is beautiful and intriguing.

I strive to create sculptures that are based on biological things many find disturbing or ugly and tend to combine textures and images with the human body in an organic or abstract way. Because there is such a compelling aspect in facial expression and body language, many of my more current pieces combine the body in two ways; combined by the literal biological part that are both microscopically and macroscopically represented. My ultimate goal is to show others that there is beauty in the ugly. I also want them to be able to relate it to their own lives in some shape or form. Above all, my goal is to take the “ugly” and “uncomfortable” and make it visually beautiful.